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You have a unique and durable product in your hands which is a handy and fun gift to have in your bag when you go out, to work or for hotels to give to there guests and also for people who are going on Safari or an excursion and many more. First of all we would like to introduce to you the Frezcool tissue Refresher


Our Tissue Refresher.

Freshen up & wash hands. Always & everywhere!

A Frezcool refreshing tissue is a high quality tissue in the shape of a coin. The compress is made of bamboo fiber or viscose and is therefore softer, more durable and fully biodegradable. Bamboo is antibacterial and anti-allergenic in itself. Especially when traveling or when you are out for an excursion, there is not always the possibility to freshen up or wash your hands. The ideal and above all environmentally friendly solution is now available.

The Frezcool refreshing tissues have been developed sustainably and contribute to a better environment, whereas most alternatives are very bad for our environment.
With the FreZcool refresher you can clean your hands five times and easily expand by taking an extra supplement of 12 or more pieces. By adding water with the pump, the compressed tissue grows into a moist tissue, you unfold it and it is ready for use.

Very easy to refill

both the water and the wipe reservoir can be refilled effortlessly


It is also a very handy item to take with you in your handbag, to work, on safari, etc...
Below you will find an explanation how to use this product, as well as the pricing for our distributors.

Easy to take with you

the Frezcool Refresher is very light in weight, very compact and even fits in a pocket, easy to carry it with you at all times. At work, during a day out or on vacation (excursions). When your guests are exploring the beautiful country or taking part in an excursion, they always have a refreshment at hand. And they can also wash their hands when necessary.


Naturally, we can personalise the product for you as a customer with your own logo and your own texts if you wish. Our design department will make a design in consultation with you which we will produce after approval. For this we do not charge extra costs.

Always wet wipes at hand

With the Frezcool Refresher you always have wet wipes with you that never dry out. When using, simply add water and the more water the more humid they become.

How to use:

Place the tablet in the compartment and pump water on the tablet.
When it has axpanded, you can unfold it into a soft tissue. When the water compartment is empty, you can easily refill it under the tap or with a water bottle, which most people have at hand. It is also easy to refill the compartment with the tissue tablets

our story

Our goal is to make a substantial contribution to a better climate. You achieve nothing on your own, but by working together you create something beautiful.

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