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We strive, together with our customers and suppliers, to provide a sustainable solution that is accessible to all. We do this by only offering products that also have an added value for a sustainable world, and we also want to distinguish ourselves from other suppliers by being innovative.

An entirely new and innovative product that we are very proud of is Easysoap by Frezcool. These disinfectant hand soap tablets are an alternative to the more expensive and polluting disinfectant soap products that are already on the market. The same result is offered without the use of alcohol, which dries out the skin, but we use Aloe Vera which is soft and good for our skin.

One tablet is equal to one bottle of 250 ml liquid soap. And it is also very easy to distribute. First of all we would like to introduce to you the Frezcool tissue Refresher

EASYSOAP by Frezcool

Antibacterial and disinfectant hand soap effervescent tablets

The development of Easysoap by Frezcool arose from the question of how we can deal with the environment in an sustainable conscious way and at the same time be mindful of hand washing and disinfection. With the environment and at the same time have an eye for hand washing and disinfection, which has become an important theme in these times with Covid-19. But even if we have overcome the pandemic, hand washing and disinfection will always remain in our system.

A tablet that dissolves in water? And have the same effect with the same quantity as the more expensive alternatives that are packaged in environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles, which are usually made of new plastic instead of RPET (Recycled Plastic).

Another big advantage is reaching the masses because of the logistical advantage you have. Large quantities require little space during transport. This also makes a huge difference to costs and contributes to a more efficient distribution in the market. NEW, UNIQUE & ADVANTAGEABLE   are the key-words.

Easy to use

All you need for the disinfecting hand soap are the tablets and the free refillable dispenser.


Ten Frezcool effervescent tablets are the equivalent of ten refill packs in plastic bottles

Rich foam

This soft and creamy foam cleanses the pores deep and effectively

Gentle on your hands

Formulated with moisturising agents to leave skin feeling skin feeling extra soft.


Citric acid, Sodium bicarbonate, Benzalkonium chloride, Glycerin, Aloe Vera extract.

Antibacterial & Disinfectant Hand soap effervescent tablets

Kills 99.99 GERM & BACTERIA

* Soft & creamy foam
* Fast cleansing & Effective
* Clean & soft hands
* No alcohol
CONTENTS: 12 effervescent tablets and
free soap dispenser

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