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Our Story

From a personal need to deal more sustainably with our beautiful planet

Our story

During our many trips through Asia, we were confronted with polluted beaches and oceans. We also saw poor people collecting PET bottles and thus being able to make a living. This created a circulation of discarded waste and its reuse in these mostly poor countries that also gave us hope.

We met Katie, a Marine Biologist from New York, on Phuket. She went with a group of locals to clean the beaches every morning. It’s very sad to see what’s washed up every day.

Another story that stayed with me was from an Australian relation who had a business in durable furniture in Thailand. He showed him pictures of his sailing trip across the Atlantic. When he woke up, he realised he was stuck on an island made of plastic. It took him three days of fear to break free.


The pollution of our oceans with its plastic soup has touched us. But it has also made us realise that it is not yet too late and that if everyone does their bit, there is still a chance for future generations to enjoy our beautiful planet. How nice then to offer great products that are eco-friendly, sustainable and made at the same time and also offer a chance of survival for poor locals who collect them and can feed their children and send them to school.

Our goal is only reached when we can contribute substantially to a more beautiful and healthier world. A better and more beautiful world also includes combating animal suffering and protecting flora and fauna. You cannot have one without the other.


We would like to be in the vanguard by introducing unique sustainable products with a special and sustainable story.


It is no exaggeration to say that our use of plastic for single-use is out of control. Almost half of all the plastic produced in the world from 1950 to 2015 was manufactured only in the last 13 years, and even more alarmingly, only 9% of all discarded plastic has actually been recycled. The rest is buried in ever-expanding landfills and in polluted waterways and our oceans. Sobering evidence of the effect this is having on ecosystems, the environment and our health is easy to find.

our story

Ons doel is een substantiële bijdrage leveren aan een beter klimaat. Alleen bereik je niets maar door samen te werken creëer je iets moois.

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